(A Don Bosco Institution)
Byndihati Campus,
East Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, India – 793 200

The Graduate Degree courses are of North Eastern Hill University (NEHU). The duration of these Courses, is three years. The college holds its own Selection Tests at the end of each Semester to determine eligibility for the semester University Examinations.

Courses offered in Arts

This 6-Semesters programme leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A).

Cumpulsory Subjects English: 4th and 5th Semester / Alt. English/MIL: 4th Semester Environmental Studies: 6th Semester
Group Honours Elective Subject Combinations
1 English Political Science, History
2 History Political Science, Economics
3 Khasi Political Science, History
4 Political Science Economics, History
5 Sociology Education, History
6 Education Economics, Sociology
Note Only Khasi will be offered as MIL
Courses offered in commerce

This 6-Semesters programme leads to the award of the degree of Bachelor of Commerce (

Paper First Semester Paper Second Semester
BC 101 Business Environment BC 201 Business Economics
BC 102 Principle & Practice of Management BC 202 Or BC 203 Financial Mathematics Or Information Tech. in Business
BC 103 Financial Accounting BC 204 Indian Financial System
Paper Third Semester Paper Fourth Semester
BC 301 Business Statistics BC 401 Public Finance & Policy
BC 302 Business Law BC 402 Financial Management
BC 303- 306 Optional Group A or B BC 403 - 406 Optional Group A or B
Paper Fifth Semester Paper Sixth Semester
BC 501 General English BC 601 Environmental Studies
BC 502 Cost Accounting BC 602 Entrepreneurship Development
BC 503- 506 Optional Group A or B BC 603 - 606 Optional Group A or B

The students shall be required to choose a group (A or B) of their choice in the Third Semester and they would continue with the group in the rest of the semesters.

BC 303 Corporate Accounting BC 306 Marketing Management
BC 403 Auditing BC 406 Sales & Advertisement
BC 503 Financial Services BC 506 Management
BC 603 Direct Tax Laws & Practice BC 606 Rural & Agricultural Marketing Services Marketing
  • Personality Developement (1st Semester)
  • Introduction to IT
  • Soft Skills ( 5th Semester)
  • Courses Under Community College Scheme